Our company has recently discovered that some travel platforms which are not entrusted by us show the customers about the reservation of the camp, we hereby make the following declaration :

Our company, Pastoral Glamping, currently only entrusts Klook, Holimood, KKday, our company’s official website, our company’s official Facebook and our company’s official Instagram, a total of 6 platforms, to conduct camp reservation sales for our company. Any other websites or app are not entrusted by our company. If customers have any inquiries, please contact the customer service hotline via whatapps, and the phone number is 5245 5391.

We have changed our name to Pastoral Glamping and our Facebook page is https://facebook.com/pastoralglamping, Natural Glamping is not related to us.

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Camping resort

There are few large-scale characteristic camping sites in the New Territories of Hong Kong. It has a brand new luxury camping area, self-service camping area, amusement and leisure area, covering an area of more than 90,000 square feet. About Us

Diversified camp facilities

Provide a variety of different five-star comfortable camps, and provide a variety of facilities such as inflatable children’s pool, trampoline, and children’s entertainment room!

Camp Type!

Equipment and attractions

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Traffic Network

You can reach the camp by  public vehicle or by driving car.

Where are we ?

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