Pastoral Glamping  is located in Shek Kong, Pat Heung. The campsite overlooks Tai Mo Shan and Pat Sin Leng. It is one of the few large-scale characteristic camping sites in the New Territories of Hong Kong.  It has a brand new luxury camping area, self-service camping area, amusement and leisure area, covering an area of ​​more than 9,000 square feet.

 The brand new glamping area is opened in 2019 and has been renovated and reopened in May 2021.

There are 3 special camps to choose from: Sailing Camp, Tribal Camp, and Starry Sky Camp.

Each special camp is equipped with hotel-style facilities, including independent washrooms, hot and cold water bathing devices, heating and cooling, fans, air ducts, electric ceramic stoves, and electric water boilers. You can move in with minimal equipment.

The camp has carried out the mosquito elimination project, and the number of mosquitoes on the site must be reduced.

Pets are welcome, and have fun with them.

There is a parking lot, and the parking location is first come first served.  Rental of 1 camp includes 1 free parking space; additional parking, whether overnight or not, will cost $150 per car.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the entry time and exit time? Can I check out later?

The camping time is from 3 pm to 6 pm every day. If you enter the camp after 6 pm, please call and inform us by WHATSAPP as soon as possible. Our staffs need to be prepared. For the benefit of the guests, please notify us to attend the camp late.

Before 12 noon every day is the time to checkout from the camp. We do not any reason of late checkout. It takes time for the tribe to clean and disinfect the camp for the next batch of guests. Please be considerate.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, we provides cooking utensils for members to rent, and simple tableware will be provided to members. All food utensils must be cleaned by themselves, otherwise a $500 cleaning fee will be charged. Take care of the indoor environment and eat carefully. If the sofa becomes dirty and cannot be cleaned, we have the right to demand compensation.

Is it possible to provide BBQ area each camp? Can I brought BBQ food?

Guests can use the grass in front of their own camps, can also bring their own food, just pay $ 200 to borrow roaster for BBQ, the cost has been included in a bag of charcoal and is not enough to purchase charcoal ($ 70 / package).

In addition, we can order our barbecue package, the price has included the roaster opening fee.

Before leaving camp, all tableware and roaster must be cleaned up, otherwise pay $500 cleaning fee.

Can I smoke?

We set environmentally-friendly as the theme. It is strictly forbidden to smoke. Each camp also sets outdoors to provide ashtrays, which can be used for smokers.

Can I bring a pet?

We welcomes pets, but must meet the relevant conditions and compliance with relevant rules. Please inquiry us for details.

Do you supply the personal cleaning supplies and bath?

We only provide shower gel and shampoo, please bring the toothbrush, bath towels, slippers and other personal cleaning and bathing products by yourselves.

Is there any heating in winter? Does the shower have a warm water supply?

All camps will provide cold and warm air conditioning from the season, all shower rooms provide hot water.

What is the condition for additional fee for person?

The maximum number of guests for each camp is set to a fixed number. If you want to increase the guests for the booked camp, you are free of charge for the first 3 years old child, $200 per person for under 15 years old  and $300 per person for 16 or more years old. All the  camps will not be provided extra beds due to limited space.

I have friends to join us but do not stay over night, do our friends need to pay additional fee per person?

The maximum number of people for each camp is fixed, exceeding the upper limit will charge additional fee $ 100 per person.

Do I need to bring cooking and tableware? Is there a tableware?

We provides simple cooking tools such as cooking pots, and tableware (non-disposable).

Can I apply for a refund if I cannot come to check in temporarily?

Reminder to customers, once the order is confirmed, no refunds or cancellations of any kind will be accepted.
Conditions for free rescheduling: typhoon signal No. 8, red and black rain, and the camp cannot be opened normally due to force majeure.
Payment of administrative fee Rescheduling: You must notify 7 working days in advance of the check-in date, and you need to pay an administrative fee of 20% of the total bill. If the notice is less than 7 working days, 40% of the total bill administration fee will be charged.
Any form of rescheduling application on the day of check-in will not be accepted unless the campsite is closed on that day.
There is no free rescheduling if you are diagnosed with the new crown virus. If you are unfortunately diagnosed, you can invite other undiagnosed relatives and friends to stay or pay administrative fees to reschedule.
An order can only be changed once (whether paid or free)

Do I need to pay a deposit when I check in?

When guests check in, they need to fill in a check-in form and sign for confirmation, and then they need to submit a deposit of $1000 to us. The purpose of the deposit is to make the guests abide by the rules and protect the property of us. Lost or damaged items will be processed with a deposit deduction.

Can the booking from the platform be rescheduled?

If customers book tents in Kkday, Kook or Holimood, our cancellation policy will no longer apply. Unless we are not open on the day of camping, any refund policy needs to be handled according to the corresponding platform’s policy.