Equipment and attractions

  • Free use of refrigerator (shared),induction cooker, and electric water boiler and tableware.
  • Free feature shooting area.
  • Free kid’s entertainment facilities: including a giant trampoline, inflatable paddling pool, etc.
  • Paid facilities: including water pipe game wall, etc.
  • Order barbecue packages on your behalf, or rent a barbecue grill service.
  • Drink shop.

Nearby attractions and activities

  • Flea market: Every week there is a flea market near Kam Seung Road. There are more than 150 covered stalls and game stalls like Taiwan’s night market. Adults and kids are fascinated by them.
  • The Richfield: Next to the flea market, there is a European-style place – The Richfield. There are many restaurants and cafes in The Richfield. You may have afternoon tea before go to camp.
  • Kam Tin Red Brick House: About 10 minutes away from the camp, the whole market is made of red bricks, full of exotic style. The market is open every weekend, and there are many small shops of different styles, including boutiques, antique furniture shops, wood shops, flower shops and so on.
  • Kam Tin Mural Village: The Kam Tin Mural Village started construction in October 2017. There are more than 30 works completed by a group of volunteers and students.
  • Kam Tin Tree House: Kam Tin Tree House is located at the side of Shui Mei Village Playground. The Kam Tin Tree House is surrounded by a huge old banyan tree with a special structure. The stone house is intertwined. It has become the unique feature of “Oneness of house and tree” today. It has a history of more than 400 years.